​​​​Meet Roberto Dansie, PhD​,

Renowned Motivational Diversity Speaker, Author & Cultural Coaching Expert

 Roberto was born to a healing tradition. At the age of 13, he went through his initiation as assistant healer to his grandmother, Exiquia Vallejo. Exiquia introduced him to the Aztec, Mayan & Toltec healing systems, including the methods to heal susto and espanto - the two key modalities of psychosocial trauma - and Roberto's life service to heal personal and cultural trauma began.   Renowned cultural awareness expert, Roberto Dansie, PhD has been internationally recognized as one  of the most eloquent and accessible contemporary authorities on cultural diversity.  Bring your company into cultural diversity for the 21st century with one of Roberto's entertaining keynote or workshop sessions! 

-Sally Reel, PhD, Associate Vice President of Health Sciences, Arizona Health Sciences Center, University of Arizona


"Train The Trainer" workshops.

Dansie teaches people how to bring cultural diversity and wisdom into their work. There is growing demand for his services, that's because of an industry wide shift to culturally appropriate care. There is a growing sense that being able to change the way people communicate and how they interact with each other becomes important to improve patients care and the quality of care.  It is a movement that we are rapidly engaging in.

Cultural Wisdom