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When Roberto Dansie walks into a room, he brings a few different worlds with him. The clinical psychologist, Toltec Tribal member and cultural diversity expert has spent his childhood navigating these different elements of his identity while growing up in California and Mexico.
Now, he’s drawing on his experience to bridge the gap in culturally appropriate communication through his company, Cultural Wisdom.
Born to a healing tradition, by the age of 13 Roberto began his initiation in native medicine as assistant to his grandmother, Exiquia Vallejo. His life service of healing trauma began when she introduced him to Toltec and Mayan medicines. These included methods for healing susto & espanto (shock & trauma) - the two key modalities of psychosocial narrative healing. 
In 1981, Roberto won the World Championship of Martial Arts in Pussan, Korea. He has shared and taught theses skills to youth and families though out the world. Surgeon General Satcher commended Roberto for “Being a dedicated foot soldier for the health of the nation.” He founded his Company Cultural Wisdom in 1998. 
Roberto has been a columnist with Indian Country Today, the nation’s leading American Indian news source, is the author of numerous research periodicals and two books in English, one in Spanish . He has been interviewed in print, on video, television and radio. In the International Jungian Journal, In Touch Center Point News, the interviewer noted “Jung valued the storyteller. He would certainly value an evening or many evenings with Roberto Dansie, who makes his stories live in the imagination.” 
Dr. Amer Hosin’s textbook Responses to Traumatized Children includes Dr. Dansie’s chapter “Cultural Perspective of Healing Trauma.” This textbook is part of the standard curriculum for psychology at the London Metropolitan University and throughout the United Kingdom. . Roberto has been the Executive Director of The Urban League, Del Norte Clinics (Migrant Health), Pit River Health Services (Indian Health), a community organizer bringing services to the community at large as well as to those with disparities.  He has been a leader in The CDC's Health Disparities Initiatives, HIV Prevention and Intervention. He is the recipient of numerous awards including Humaitarian of Year from The International Medical & Education Trust of Columbia Missouri University.
Roberto’s latest book, The Four Elements, provides us with a comprehensive view of the four pillars of Cultural Wisdom: Consciousness, Conduct, Culture and Community. 
A long standing speaker traveling throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe, Dr. Dansie has presented to Hospitals, Mental Health Organizations, National Association of Community Health Centers, Centers for Disease Control, National & Regional Disability Agencies, Migrant Health & Education, National Health & Human Service, Cancer Research, National Refugee & Immigrant collaborations, Minority & Multicultural Organizations, HIV & Communities of Color, International Gestalt Centers, Rural, Indian, and Migrant Health Organizations and numerous Universities around the world. 

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