Cultural Wisdom

Another popular keynote is Roberto's "The Psychology of Hope, Stress Management In the New Age".

Based on Roberto's international best selling book in Spanish, "Semillas de Esperanza" in English "Seeds of Hope".  This keynote identifies through organizational psychology, the twenty assets of individuals, groups and organizations.  Resiliency ~the ability to bounce back from set backs and disappointments can be nurtured, cultivated and amplified, individually and collectively.  This keynote is often requested with a breakout or extended session to help staff expand on the lessons learned in the keynote.  During breakout sessions Roberto uses exercises and individual strengths to lasting change management.  

On a recent New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children Conference participant

Sandra Carerra commented, "I was in the best workshop this morning. Four hours and one ten minute break.  I could have sat there for four more hours. This man was awesome. What a great presenter.  If you have never sat in one of Roberto Dansie's presentations, you are missing out!"