Thinking Outside The Box (Positive Change Management)

There are times when conventional solutions don’t work. Then it is time to think outside the box. Roberto's “Culturally Creative Change Management ” philosophy provides new strategies that come from thinking outside the box and making creative solutions. In this keynote participants will be introduced to the concept of how we learn to “Think Outside The Box”. In this keynote Roberto will take the participants step by step through the process of retaining their cool while dealing with stressful and difficult problems. Through dynamic group exercises participants will learn how to turn anxiety into excitement, how to use paradoxical thinking, how to deal with difficult people, how to find consensus within opposing forces. In the past there were only two main groups: traditionalists and modernist. The traditionalists wanted to stick to the mainstream path while the modernists wanted to come up with new solutions. Now we see the emergence of a new group that combines the best of these two groups: The Cultural Creatives. The Cultural Creatives come up, time and again, with the best solutions for new and ongoing problems by integrating mainstream systematic approaches with innovative thinking. In this workshop, we reflect on the integral paradigm of the Cultural Creatives and learn how to think like them. How to strive for optimism in scenarios that in the past were ridden with frustration and negativity. In neurological terms this phenomena is known as neuroplasticity, the making of new paths in the brain by a new way of thinking. The world is ready for this new approach to problem solving, motivation and excellence. Stress on the job impacts personal happiness.  Eighty percent of people say that work stress negatively impacts their lives, and calling in sick to work due to stress exhaustion is a common phenomena.  Stress is really a negative response to complex problems that seem unsolvable with traditional thinking. Thinking outside the box can significantly impact your workforce, reinvigorate them and reduce their perception of how stressful their job is. Narrow thinking creates a cycle of unproductive, unfocused work that eventually sabotages creative thinking and productivity.  Empower your team to better understand the dynamics of positive change management and how managing stress with creative solutions can change their wellbeing. Cultural Creatives learn to use unconventional thinking to create new attitudes within traditional systems.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand why and how our “Thinking Outside The Box” can impact traditional systems in a positive way.
2. Create an “Thinking Outside The Box Change Management Plan” that will lead participants through the process of decisive action and change their mindset, transforming stressful situations into opportunities for positive change.
3. Boost productivity, morale, innovation and creativity.

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